Leonard Cassuto Visit

Leonard Cassuto is professor of English at Fordham University, and writes a column for The Chronicle of Higher Education called “The Graduate Advisor.”

From the publisher's advance blurb, it is clear that Lenoard Cassuto's new book, The Graduate School Mess: What Caused it and How We Can Fix It, will be one of those that is defining the conversation on graduate education in the humanities: "It is no secret that American graduate education is in disarray. Graduate students take too long to complete their studies and face a dismal academic job market if they succeed. The Graduate School Mess gets to the root of these problems and offers concrete solutions for revitalizing graduate education in the humanities. ... Cassuto says that graduate education must recover its mission of public service. Professors should revamp the graduate curriculum and broaden its narrow definition of success to allow students to create more fulfilling lives for themselves both inside and outside the academy. Cassuto frames the current situation foremost as a teaching problem: professors rarely prepare graduate students for the demands of the working worlds they will actually join. He gives practical advice about how faculty can teach and advise graduate students by committing to a student-centered approach."

Join us on Thursday, September 24 at 5 pm in the Frick Fine Arts Auditorium to hear Professor Cassuto talk about his new book. There will also be a colloquium earlier in the day on September 24, and workshops on September 25. The full schedule is available here. Please feel free to contact the Humanities Center if you are interested in more information about these events. This event is also sponsored by the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences Office of the Dean and the Humanities Center.

Images from Professor Cassuto's visit.


Thursday, September 24, 2015 - 5:00pm

Location and Address

Frick Fine Arts Auditorium