Intelligent Conversations About Computational Visual Aesthetics

This is the first of a pair of problem-based, research-focused workshops. Taken together, the workshops will be called “Intelligent Conversations about Digital Computing and the Humanities.”

In these sessions, humanists, social scientists, natural scientists, medical scientists, computer scientists, and information scientists will all be invited to come together to work through, and perhaps even solve problems in, particular areas of common interest. The critical focus of the Intelligent Conversations Program will be to make the work of all these disciplines more legible to one another. These symposia will be deeply engaged in what Annette Vee has called the “translation work” that needs to be done in order for scholars in these different domains to understand and engage with the significant research issues present in each of these fields, no matter how differently they may be presented.

This event is also sponsored by the School of Information Sciences. For more information on this session, read here or contact Alison Langmead at

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Friday, November 13, 2015 - 9:00am

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School of Information Sciences Building 3rd Floor Collaboration Space