World Business Career Town Hall and Networking Event

A moderated panel consisting of executives from global companies that have a presence in the Pittsburgh region, international business experts from international chambers of commerce, faculty experts, and PittBusiness alumni will discuss skills like global competence that cross over from the humanities. They will also address what companies are looking for when they hire graduates and student interns.

Students from all disciplines and schools will have the opportunity to hear from a panel of experts about their experiences and why taking humanities courses during their university days helped them in their current career field. The panelists will also discuss what talents their organizations are looking for, i.e. students who have the substantive professional skills and who can successfully perform in the global workplace and who are good communicators both in English or a foreign language, who can work in cross-cultural teams, who have undertaken experience based learning opportunities during their studies (e.g. study abroad, internships abroad, student clubs, case competitions, consulting projects, etc.) or who have studied or worked on business projects dealing with non-market strategies (social sentiments, political forces, government policies, and ecological trends).

Students will be encouraged to actively participate in the conversation through questions and elaboration on points and issues raised. After the panel session concludes, students will network with panel presenters and the audience members.

This town hall and networking event will also inform staff representatives from the career services and academic advising departments at the College of Business Administration, the Katz School, and the University of Pittsburgh.

This event is also sponsored by the International Business Center and the Global Studies Center. For more information, click here or contact Jacqueline Saslawski at To see the program for the event, click here.


Friday, January 29, 2016 - 1:15pm

Location and Address

University Club, Ballroom B