Humanities in Continuing Education

Entitled “Humanities in Continuing Education,” this one-day series of events hosted by Pitt's College of General Studies (CGS) will provide a platform for exploring the role of the humanities in the field of continuing education. Many CGS students are veterans, retirees, working parents, reentry students, transfer students, or professionals seeking educational advancement and personal fulfillment. Collectively, they bring knowledge, perspectives, needs, and experiences that will offer a unique contribution to the ongoing dialogue happening this year at Pitt. The “Humanities in Continuing Education” program will feature a succession of events, each engaging with the humanities as a means of connecting academic, personal, and professional worlds and aspirations.

The program events are detailed below:

Open Osher Lecture: Baroque Art: A Global Style
The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) will host a public lecture “Baroque Art: A Global Style” presented by Rachel Miller, a PhD candidate in the University of Pittsburgh Department of History of Art and Architecture. The conversation will revolve around the following questions: What is the Baroque? What characteristics enabled the Baroque to become a truly global style? How were the works of celebrated Baroque artists like Peter Paul Rubens and Rembrandt affected by this global turn? Through examples drawn from across the world, we will come to understand the elements of the Baroque that facilitated the style’s tendency to move: its theatricality, licentiousness, engagement of the senses, ornamentation, and ecstatic elements.

Time: 1:15 pm-3:00 pm
Location: William Pitt Union Assembly Room

Student-Alumni Panel: Enriching or Riches? A Panel on the Role of the Humanities in Our Professional and Personal Lives
CGS students and alumni will come together to discuss how their academic paths have been influenced by their studies in the humanities and what a degree in the humanities means for one’s present and future career prospects. This panel will be followed by a Photo and Video Exhibition and reception.

Time: 3:15 pm-4:00 pm
Location: William Pitt Union Assembly Room

CGS Photography and Video Exhibit: Human Beings/Being Human
A culminating event in the program, this public exhibit will showcase the work of CGS students by thematizing and visualizing students’ encounters with people and human landscapes during their studies at home and abroad. A judges’ award as well as a public award will be given to those students whose works receive the highest recognition.

Time: 4:00 pm
Location: College of General Studies, 1400 Posvar Hall

This event is also sponsored by the College of General Studies. For more information, click here or contact Boryana Dobreva at


Wednesday, March 23, 2016