Creativity and Innovation in Business: An Artist's Perspective (Titusville)

Ray Yeager, Associate Professor of Art, at the University of Charleston, will present a talk entitled “Creativity and Innovation in Business: An Artist's Perspective.” Mr. Yeager currently teaches a required course in creativity to business students at his home institution. He will meet with business students during the morning and late afternoon of April 5 during business classes. We are also asking him to be the guest speaker for the Free Enterprise Luncheon that is held annually for Titusville area business leaders. Students will also be invited to attend that luncheon.

The proposed activity directly pertains to the first question in the Year of the Humanities Description: How can study in the arts and humanities improve creativity and innovation in other fields?

This event is also sponsored by the Division of Liberal Arts at Pitt-Titusville. For more information, please contact David Fitz at


Tuesday, April 5, 2016